Sunday, June 29, 2008

Paris in the summer when it sizzles

Boo hoo! We are back at work in Les Fontaines after our final weekend in Paris before Bump makes his/her long-awaited appearance. The weather was warm and sunny and bright, and although we're tired and our feet hurt, we had a lovely time and are looking very much forward to our next trip.

Our hotel was on the Rue Bonaparte near l'Ecole des Beaux Arts in swishy, fashionable Saint Germain des Pres. Those who have read their Hemingway will recognize these two establishments from "A Moveable Feast."

Alas, though they were both around the corner from our hotel, we did not stop at either this time. Only a few months ago, we passed Jacques Chirac on our way for a hot chocolate at Café de Flore! We started out our Saturday instead with a lovely lunch of courgette and chevre tart at a sweet place in Saint Germain called Mamie Gateaux (Mamie Cakes).

How sweet is this little outdoor table? I love the dishcloth as a tablecloth, and the cute little napkins. Afterwards we walked to the Musee D'Orsay to have a look around. On our way we stopped at Deyrolle, the fancy taxidermy shop, and Jules took my picture in front of the window.

That's what 34 weeks looks like-- only six more to go! We are getting excited. We can see little toes and elbows punching my belly now, and are getting really excited to meet our little soybean.

Deyrolle is a fantastic shop, full of all sorts of stuffed beasties. You might go there if you needed a stuffed ostrich for a museum display or a murder of taxidermied crows for a fashion shoot. Or like us, simply look around.

I only managed to take this one photo before Jules hissed at me that there was a sign telling me (in French, of course) that photography was not allowed. Which is a shame, because they had a whole case of jewel-colored songbirds for sale, as well as a swan, a couple of foxes, and a whole lot of other things that used to be alive. Pretty amazing place.

We walked around the museum for a while, and saw many beautiful artworks. We took a few photos behind the giant station clock and in the sculpture court, although not as many as a kid we spotted on one of the many the school trips trawling the galleries, who stopped in front of every single painting, took a snapshot with his little camera, and moved on without looking at any of them.

Afterwards we walked across the Jardin des Tuileries for hot chocolate and cakes at Angelina in the Rue de Rivoli. You wouldn't think that a big pot of melted chocolate would qualify as a drink, but oh my goodness it certainly does!

We have never had a chance to try them, but Jules is smitten by the the free bikes available all around Paris. For 1 euro, you can check out a bike for the whole day and travel around. You just check them out from one of a bunch of stations around town when you need them, and put them back when you're ready. Cool, huh?

So, that's our last trip for the summer, our last trip without bambino. Bittersweet, but still exciting. We can't wait to come back.

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MaryKate_G said...

Hi Sarah,
Found you on Jeannie's blog. You look positively adorable! Congrats on everything.

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