Friday, August 8, 2008

The Big Baby Post

Oh my goodness, we have our hands full! Wee Isabelle is only four days old, and already she's taken over our lives. What did we do before Issy? We can't remember... Cocktail hour. I know we used to have cocktails... But she's here and we love her to pieces! She is SUCH a good baby, sleeping a lot and not crying very much, and being cuddly and cute all around. We can't get anything done around here because we have to stop and admire her every two minutes. We're struggling a little bit with the feeding, but we know she's got those great Manley/Adcock eating genes, so we're not worried.

Here are some pictures of little one, so get ready for a cute overload:

Just born.

With Granddad Adcock and Remy the Rat, the day we came home from the hospital.

Bad parenting (you're not supposed to nap with them on the sofa)... but come on! We were awake all night!

Movie baby...

With Jens the Steiff bear.

Cute sleeping photos. Is this boring yet?

Bad parenting part two... she just wears us out!

All dressed up for a stroll around the block.

A photo of the rocking chair, recovered and in action in li'l Issy's bedroom.

We've received lots of great presents from people. Our house is flower-mungous!

We got this cool bouquet from Jules' friend Don this morning... looks like a bunch of flowers but it's actually little rolled up hats and socks and onesies in newborn sizes. Cute!

From Steve and Dawn and Eleanor we got a Whoozit in the mail yesterday. Babies love Whoozits.

Isabelle surprised Mommy with a big present her first day at home... a PIANO!!! It's so Mr. Darcy of her! Thank you, little Isabelle! Mommy is so excited to have a piano of her very own! On the top you can also see the cards and letters we've received from faraway friends. Thank you to all who sent good wishes.

So, exciting times. Jules is becoming a pro at changing diapers, and we're both learning how to live with a little less sleep and a little more cuteness in our lives. We're having lots and lots of fun.

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Erbes Kitchen said...

this is so not boring yet.. love it send more pics :-)
proud Auntie Susie xxxx

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