Monday, November 24, 2008

What's going on

I'm sorry for not posting for a couple of days, but I have been BUSY. Get off my back. Here's a quick update:

Isabelle and I are back in England. Flight not as good as the last time, and Isabelle has been really struggling to adjust to the time difference. We're talking hourly tantrums, fussy eating, and a whole lot of screaming.

Nevertheless, I am busy redecorating the living room, which I have to do in the short intervals/at night while she sleeps! There is a lot to do.... as mentioned, the previous owners had decorated in an unusual style I like to call "Traditional Dirty Pigsty". So... the to-do list is long.

Issy did try out her cloth diapers today, with mixed success. More as events warrant.

For your consideration: while I've been working, I've been listening to NPR's coverage of the financial crisis. They're doing a kind of brilliant series of podcasts that explain the whole thing in language the regular Joe (or Jane) can understand. Please do listen if you have a chance... Thanks to these podcasts and This American Life's two brilliant episodes on the subject (you can listen to the first and the second online) I understand the mess a lot more. And it gives me the freakin' shivers.

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