Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mom's Big Night Out

I'm free! I'm free! Thanks to the generosity of our lovely neighbor Jo who agreed to sit with Isabelle for the night, I got to hit the town with the laydeez in my NCT mommy group. For the first time since, oh, July, I got to be all dolled up in a dress that wouldn't get baby sick on it, put on my lipstick and paint the town Sarah. Fun, fun, fun!

The venue: glamorous High Road House in Chiswick, where one of the mommies in the group (& her Mr.) are members and booked us a table in the private dining room.

The dress: the floofy one with the crinoline that Jules bought for my birthday (the darker one to the right).

The bag: the matching one that Isabelle got for my birthday.

The shoes: new. Purple. Loving it.

The drink: the bottle of champagne that Rhod, Helen's husband, sent to the table full of mommies once we arrived.

Note what's missing? THE BABY!!!! Because she was at home sleeping!!! And guess what? I didn't even feel kind of bad about it.


Isabelle said...

I missed you while you were out on the town, Mommy, even if I was asleep. Now come here and let me puke on that dress...

A Puppet Opera said...

That's creepy. Who wrote that?!?!?

Isabelle said...

Daddy wrote it, Mommy.

julian said...


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