Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where did all that time go?

As of today, Isabelle has been with us for 7 months exactly. We baked a cake to celebrate, although she did not get to have any. Well, she tasted the frosting, which was enough for one day.

Milestones in this month include: rolling both ways and scootching herself around on her back, eating solid food (today she ate among other things an un-mushed banana, couscous and peas), saying "gagagagaga," almost sitting up by herself, and almost (but not quite) sleeping through the night. It's been a pretty busy month!

Milestones for Mommy and Daddy include: Mommy's big night out on the town, our first trip to a hotel with baby, a long boozy Valentine's Day gourmet dinner at the Mogose's, Mommy's new weekly column at Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, back to work for both Mommy and Daddy, and Daddy's return to the bike route.

Mommy would also like to remind everyone reading that she has not had a full night's sleep since June. SINCE JUNE. So if she's been a little cranky lately, that's why.

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