Friday, June 19, 2009

Some days I wear the pants, and other days, the pants wear me

Okay, first let me say that I never intended to leave that Fry vs. Laurie post up for so long. I'm a little embarrassed now. I hope that this photo of Isabelle and her friend Tilly at baby swimming last Thursday will make up for it. Tilly is the star student at baby swimming. Isabelle is the baby who hangs by the side of the pool weeping. Sad.

As you may have guessed, we've been very busy around these parts. Since returning from India I've turned my focus to our disgustingly overgrown backyard; in the past couple of days I've cut clean edges around the whole thing, planted some new stuff, took away some old stuff, made an herb garden out of some old wine crates, assembled a garden bench we found in the shed (score!) and tried (vainly) to deal with our aphid infestation. They managed to chomp their way through most of my lovely rosebushes and both our new hanging baskets, which are now dangling like sad reminders of the fleeting nature of summer. I hate aphids. They are bastards.

The big news around these parts is that in the last couple of weeks, Isabelle has gone from a rolling arfing baby seal to a fully crawling, all-standing, all-walking, all-dancing superstar. Since then we've suffered a tumble down the stairs, a bump on the chin, and countless other indignities that go along with wanting to do something so badly but not being able to make your 8-inch little legs cooperate. Also, she's refusing to eat anything she's not feeding herself. I blogged about that very subject in this week's post at Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, if you're interested.

As soon as things are more under control, I'll try to post more in the coming days/weeks.

Rock on,
Sarah xo

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