Thursday, September 24, 2009

An autumn field trip

Crisp, fall weather has finally arrived, so Isabelle and I took a trip out to the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew yesterday. In retrospect we should have gone today because the sky is absolutely blue and cloudless instead of humid and overcast like it was yesterday, but we were in too much of a hurry to enjoy a day out to wait. Today I am mourning the loss of the just-about-to-flower nerine bulb I planted last February, which was eaten by slugs in the night. Damn those slugs to hell.

As you can see, Isabelle is just about walking. She's still in that Frankenstein stage, but she's definitely on the move. We rode in the buggy for a while, then stopped to have a sandwich and a ramble. Could September be any more fun?

Don't you love the light in the autumn? I like the way it filtered through the needles on this (baby) giant redwood; even though it was in the middle of London I really felt like I was in the Pacific northwest.

Eating a PB and J alfresco.

A peach beech tree. What a great, soft color. So homesick for the maples along Taylor Street...

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