Saturday, November 7, 2009

Who the heck am I?

I've updated my profile in the main feed. Please take a look if you are so inclined: A Puppet Opera is known socially as Sarah Jane Manley. A native of Joliet, Illinois, Ms. Manley came to London on a whim in 2000, and now lives there with her English husband and Anglo-American daughter.

Ms. Manley spent her childhood taking dance and piano lessons, reading romantic novels, and being teased and taunted by other children for minding her parents, taking everything her teachers said seriously, and generally being a Good Girl. This ultimately led to an aversion to organized sports, contemporary music, and popular culture in general, and definite opinions about everything from restaurant dining to wedding dresses to historic preservation. Ms. Manley believes in the social legacy of Edith Wharton, getting out of the way of oncoming traffic quickly, and the tasteful expression of free speech. She is willing to share her thoughts on nearly everything.

By day, Ms. Manley helps to facilitate creative problem solving by troubled companies. By night she enjoys composing literary fiction as well as opening nights at the theatre, dinner parties, a well-mixed cocktail, the music of the American songbook, and spirited conversation with friends. She invites you to behave with perfect propriety, whether you want to or not.


Anonymous said...

This post reads like the manifesto of the meek.

Live a little, stay out late, drive too fast, indulge in the self-destructive pastimes of bad liquor, smoke stained glass, greasy napkins, hot dogs and beer. The service might not include a salad fork, but Edith Wharton could use a visit from Charles Bukowski every now and again.


A Puppet Opera said...

I think I'm a little more lacy handkerchief than greasy spoon... but I take your point. When are you coming to visit? xo

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