Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is this a crazy idea?

J.Crew Creative Director Jena Lyons' bedroom in Living Etc.

So, Issy is still battling stomach flu. She's on the mend, but still down. Clicking around on the internet while she slept on my lap, I spotted some cool images of walls painted with blackboard paint. We have a poky, shadowy wall in our kitchen that I think could become a blackboard very easily, and now I'm obsessed with making it happen. Am I nuts?

L: Ruthie Sommers’ kitchen, from Domino magazine; R: Interior by Ilse Crawford.

From Living Etc. magazine

Nichole Robertson's kitchen (via littlebrownpen).

L: Interior architecture and design by Philippe Harden; R: Home of Laura Aviva (via Design*Sponge).

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