Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Kisses, chocolates, flowers, or railing against it as a commercial conspiracy, no matter how you spend it, have a good one. We stuck to our £5 limit and exchanged a fancy coffee mug (Jules to me), cards (all around) and homemade gingerbread love hearts (me to Jules).

This image from Martha Stewart is a little Valentine project I actually attempted one year, translucent waxed-paper hearts, which I hung in a bright-but-not-sunny window of my old apartment in Rogers Park. Even though I was on my own for Valentine's that year, I'm still a sucker for hearts and chocolates, and didn't see any reason not to celebrate on my own.

For those sourpusses who disagree with me, here's a special Valentine video from Misery Bear. Enjoy.

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