Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feature wall: Yes or no?

Let me start by saying I love my wedding china. Yeah, I'm a dork about china, and it was important to me to have it for our wedding, and so now we have a full set of Vera Wang for Wedgwood "Pink Duchesse" china (BTW this pattern has been discontinued) in our house, which we do use for very special occasions. It's bone china white, edged in delicate pink satin and platinum. It is really beautiful.

The other thing I kind of love is that we inherited a set of (okay, not very nice) built in shelves in our dining room from a previous owner, which despite being pretty basic, fit the full set of china and all our wedding crystal perfectly. However, I'm looking at the beautiful china and crystal on the shelves, and it doesn't really stand out against the parchment color we painted the room last year. So I am thinking about wallpapering the back of the shelves to create more of a backdrop for the plates, which would make more of a feature of that wall. I ordered two samples from Wallpaperdirect.com: one is a shell pink with a sort of empire-design of laurel wreaths and swags, the other is a baby pink damask. You can see both pictured below:

I don't know. What do you think?

*PS You can just about see one of my two new (to me) Venetian mirror sconces on the right of the top picture. A £15 eBay score! I love them. Jules is not so sure.


A Puppet Opera said...

Hi Sarah,

A+ on the mirrored sconces. They look elegant. I'd choose the paler pink paper with the laurel leaves and swags, if'n I'm asked.

The other paper seems like a more magenta pink, not consistent with the trim on your china. But then how do I know.

Mom agrees, as well.......so it's anonymous! I hope everything else is OK. Love to Issy and Jules



v.v.n. said...

I'm probably way late (haven't checked the date on this entry) but I'm with your dad, the paler one would be my choice as well. Lovely china and crystal - I should take a picture of my ghetto IKEA dining cabinet with my jumble of inherited china from my grandmother sometime. It's quite a contrast.

A Puppet Opera said...

Thanks for your help! I still have the samples propped up behind the plates. Honestly, I might never complete this project, but I wanted to see how it would look anyway. I agree with both of you about the paler swagged one; it looks nice in person, and it's £7 per roll, so a bargain!

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