Wednesday, April 7, 2010

India March 2010

I almost never have the chance to do any sightseeing while I'm in India, but on my most recent trip at the end of March, I did. My Australian friend Pete (pictured in one of the photos) and I visited the Parvati Temple on top of a hot, dusty mountain (well, okay, hill) in Pune, which is a couple of hours outside Mumbai. Afterwards, we joined our gourmet foodie friend Alika for a sumptuous Punjabi lunch at a local restaurant, where I was too occupied with stuffing my face to take any photos. I was playing around with filters and actions in this set, to give the photos more of a museum quality and to take the grimness out of some of the pictures (dust and haze play an important role in Indian cities), also to try and give a sense of the timelessness of modern India. Standing on the top of a hill overlooking modern Pune, you could absolutely be looking through a window to a long-ago age.

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