Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Anyone who reads design magazines & blogs (like I do, obsessively), will be able to tell you that ornate detailing is having a moment. 18th century baroque frames, elaborate lighting fixtures and even porcelain figurines are back with a vengeance. So I decided to take a crack at making a set of silhouette miniatures of Jules, Issy and me to fill an empty space in our living room. And look how cute they turned out:
This was an easy project with high, high payoff, thanks to the power of graphics software. Just a couple of quick profile snapshots with the ol' Nikon coolpix and then a fast trace-and-fill in Adobe Illustrator and we're off to the races. The tiny aubergine frames match our club chairs almost perfectly, and bring a touch of funk to this antique craft. Love!

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