Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Jules is working two weeks in a row in Paris, but he's home for the weekend. This picture of the Eiffel tower got me thinking about the time he and I were both working in Paris, and when we arrived at Gare du Nord to catch the Eurostar home, we discovered there had been an accident and there were no trains to London for two days. We laugh about it now, but our first reaction was to tear at our hair and moan, "We're stranded in Paris! What are we gonna do?" And then we spent a stressful couple of hours searching for ways to get home. What idiots we were! Now that I'm permanently stranded in my own house with my little 2-year old friend, my thoughts often turn to that carefree weekend and how much fun we ended up having dawdling, without any plans, in the City of Lights. Hope your weekend is equally full of joie de vivre. xo

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