Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dr. Snowman, PhD.

We had a load of snow here in Chicagoland Monday night, and hurrah hurrah, it made for absolutely ideal snowman weather the next day: not too cold, the snow was the perfect consistency for packing, and it was new enough to be fun (not how it's going to feel at the end of February, I guarantee). Introducing Dr. Snowman, PhD!

We decided he needed a name; I thought he needed a title. Grandpa suggested "Dr. Krankheit," Issy preferred Dr. Snowman. He's not a medical doctor though, he has a PhD, so don't go to him with any ailments. He is nattily dressed (for a shooting party?) in Grandpa's cap and Daddy's scarf, although he may accessorize with a top hat, monocle and walking stick (a la Mr. Peanut) for Christmas Eve. Stylish, no?

Issy tasting the snow

Daddy assembling Dr. S.

Fun times!

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