Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Decorating: Rustic Mantel

I love a dolled-up mantel at holiday time. There's nothing like a seeing swags and garlands of greenery, a dash of sparkle and a family posh stockings to really make the heart sing. However, our scary Edwardian fireplace presents a lot challenges in making it beautiful: for one, on the best of days it looks like a hellmouth. I don't like the fake marble, Jules doesn't like the fake gold. Neither of us likes the dirty black. Secondly, it is made of enameled slate, which means you can't poke tacks into it, so if I wanted to swag greenery around it, I couldn't make it stay up.

Fortunately, it's the perfect size to display our Fontanini nativity set, so with the addition of a string of twinkle lights and the repurposed heather from our Thanksgiving bouquet stuffed in around it, it's an instant Christmassy mantel display. The harshness of my little camera's flash doesn't really do it justice; in person our holy mantel is all twinkle lights, soft pinks, apricots and nutmegs. Just the thing to distract your eye from the faux detailing below.

How are you dressing your mantel this year?

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