Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What to Wear: Holiday 2011

The season of parties, excess and celebration is finally upon us. Hooray! I'm guessing the chances are very good that you've received at least one invite to a holiday party: the one being held at your workplace. Ugh, the office party! The scenes of depravity, embarrassment and wild abandon, all in front of your nearest and dearest colleagues. Whether it's being held in a posh restaurant or in the conference room, the occasion calls for something tasteful, festive, and with a little bit of bling.

Red is a great color for a holiday party, even more so for an office do because it's probably not a color you wear often to work, and this sassy little number (1) would do perfectly. Festive color, elegant shape, but the neckline and short sleeves make it a little bit demure, just right for a party where the other guests are people you'll have to work with on Monday. Keep the jewelry simple with just a chunky glittering bracelet (5) and a sweet little knot ring (6), both of which will look fab next to a champagne glass.

Because the neckline of the dress is so high, I'd skip a necklace altogether and instead go for a glittering hairband/tiara (7), because hey, even though your boss is the host, it's still a party. Keeping your hair loose and undone will make the whole look a lot more youthful, and still works if it becomes a bit windblown.

You didn't work all those long hours not to be able to splurge every now and again, and these snazzy Givenchy pumps (2) will see you through the holiday season, party after party, tagged photo after tagged photo with ease. The Anya Hindmarch handbag (4) is maybe a little too matchy-matchy, but it will still hold a lipstick and a credit card, and it's a lot classier than the traditional office holiday party adornment of a rope of Christmas tree tinsel draped around your neck.

It's bound to be freezing outside, so to keep warm as you dash from the party to the pub afterwards, make sure you choose a beautiful coat (3) that says "I am part of a dress-up ensemble," not "I exist for the purpose of keeping a human body warm in subzero temperatures. As soon as this is over I'm going to muck out the stalls," and the faux fur collar will look smashing against your pasty "office tan"-ned skin. This coat also comes in a luscious cream color, which would look equally great, but I think the black one is more friendly to public transportation.

So there you go. Make sure you don't drink too much, and stay as far away from Don in Accounting as you can, and celebrate, for goodness sake! You earned it.

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