Monday, March 5, 2012

World Book Day: Angelina Ballerina

Thursday was World Book Day, and in celebration, Issy's school allowed the kids to come dressed as their favorite characters from a book. So of course, Isabelle wanted to go as Angelina Ballerina.

This was a very easy costume to put together, thanks to the fact we buy our ribbon and felt in bulk here at A Puppet Opera. For the ears: cut four circles out of white felt (I traced around a teacup) and two circles out of pink felt. Lay 2 circles of white together and zigzag stitch around the edge. Center a circle of pink on top and zigzag to the white. Repeat with the other ear. Cut a notch along the radius of the ear, overlap the two cut edges about half an inch, and stitch down the seam (this will allow the ears to stand up on their own). Repeat. Measure a strip of white felt long and wide enough to accommodate a plastic hairband (for this headband it was 1 inch wide by 14 inches long). Place both ears along the edge of the strip of felt and stitch down. Then, stitch the strip along the long edge to make a channel, stitch one edge closed and thread your hairband in. Stitch the other end closed, tie a pink ribbon between the ears, and hey presto, it's Angelina. 

The rest of the costume consisted of a pink sundress topped with her ballet sweater, face paint, and ribbons crisscrossed under her foot and around the ankle to simulate pointe shoes. So sweet!
Did  you dress up for World Book Day? If so, what as? How are you going to use your £1 book token? Do tell.

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