Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wait a minute Mr. Postman!

At Christmas our postman was bemoaning the fact that he had fewer cards to deliver this year than ever. People seem not to be sending letters anymore, since email and texting is so obviously quicker and cheaper. But so much less fun than receiving an actual letter in the mail. Jules and I wrote letters exhaustively during the first (long-distance) years of our courtship, and I can tell you, waiting for the postman to arrive is such an exquisite pleasure, I heartily encourage everyone to try it. So I thought I'd collect some stuff that would make writing a letter fun, and inspire everyone in Puppet Opera land to start writing!

1. I received this book about the importance of handwriting as a Christmas gift, and that's what's got me thinking about writing. A fascinating social history and elegy of the hand-written word, Philip Hensher encourages everyone to pick up their pens and get back in the habit of writing by hand.

2. These lovely hand-engraved notecards from Crane Stationery should definitely inspire you to write a letter. The Eiffel Tower, lipstick-pink envelopes, and polka dots all in one go? Yes, please! (These would make a lovely birthday gift for someone....)

3. It's just so much more festive writing with a fountain pen than with a Bic ballpoint. The Greta Garbo by Mont Blanc (Jules actually gave me this beautiful pen as a present when Billy was born. It makes even jotting down shopping lists more glamorous.).

4. Bring out your very best handwriting, and while you're at it, why not decorate the envelope as well? Inspiring copperplate calligraphy by Lisa Holtzman.

5. Everyone loves to receive a love letter. Take inspiration from Frida Kahlo (pictured) or dozens of other original love letters from Henry VIII to Michael Jordan over at Letters of Note.

Okay, I'm waiting by the door for my letter to arrive! Keep an eye out for yours as well!


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