Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Write On!

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Squillionaire author Dan Brown is in the news today, not only because he has a new book out but also because in today's Guardian, he revealed his cure for writer's block to be hanging upside down from a pair of gravity boots. Indeed, the subject of writer's block was the subject of a discussion with Louise Doughty on the BBC's Today Programme. Seems like this murky malady is finally getting some stage time. Anyone who has suffered from the crippling paralysis of writer's block will know how frustrating it is to hold your pen above a blank page and have nowhere to go. John Cheever found solace by writing wearing only his underpants and Truman Capote found inspiration in a cigarette and a cold martini, but for some, the block is insurmountable. Interestingly, Louise Doughty claimed a tool she uses to be able to churn out an impressive number of novels was to have a house full of children, knowing she had exactly two hours to write while the kids were at playgroup, and that such narrow boundaries were, for her, a goad to productivity. In all honesty, I can say I have never found children to be much help when any activity requiring serious concentration was going on, but it certainly seems to be working for Doughty. Whether it's gravity boots, sleeping bags, weak tea or kids, may whatever works keep working for you!

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