Monday, September 30, 2013

How to be awesome

I'll admit, I have some fears about bringing up a daughter in an age of fake eyelashes for pre-teens, One Direction and YouTube accounts. but what worries me most is the kind of role models out there for girls. It seems to me that what you see on TV and in the papers has a lot more to do with how gorgeous you are or how outrageous, how tiny your waist is or how much money you made last year, rather than how to be an awesome Supergirl who can change the world. We know the figures: a century after women won the vote four out of five politicians are still men, big business and thinktanks are still male-dominated. There are awesome women out there, but they're largely invisible.

So I want to direct everyone's attention to this fantastic article in today's Guardian, which shares ten top tips to help our daughters change the world. By starting small, speaking up, speaking out, and gathering a bunch of friends to help, girls can make it happen. I know this is definitely one I'm going to be pasting to the fridge. 

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