Monday, April 14, 2014

In your Easter bonnet...

Do a web search for "girls' Easter Bonnet" here in the mighty kingdom of Great Britain and you will find a lot of options for joke hats, straw rubbish and silly rabbity nonsenses, none of which are at all appropriate for little girls going to church on Easter Sunday or even hunting for chocolate eggs in the local park. How, I ask you, does a country that so embraces millinery fall apart when it comes to children's special-occasion headwear?

I refuse to accept that there are no cute Easter hats for little girls, so I've done some searching. There are a lot of ugly hats out there (hello, straw trilby), but I've found a couple of adorable options for little ladies that would be perfect for finishing off a spring dress, and I've picked out a handful here. Yes, some are very high end, but the pink cloche from John Lewis is very affordable, and if you are savvy with a needle and thread, might even be able to stitch yourself up a copy of number five. Tres chic, non?

1. This sweet flowery summer hat from il Trenino is pricey, but it would be absolutely darling on top of a soft pink calico with a billowing skirt, no? Perhaps if you were attending Easter Sunday services at Westminster Abbey or for having a lovely piece of cake with your favorite teddy bear? 

2. This fairly simple straw titfer from John Lewis could work with a number of sweet outfits and face shapes, and that sweet pink garland is to die for. Ringlets mandatory.

3. I love this little white bonnet from Mayoral, and the coral piping is such a great color this year. Also available in candy pink and mint green.

4. and 5. Joli Bebe. Isabelle will be wearing number four with her adorable little navy Rachel Riley dress this year, and a pair of navy patent slippers. Because if you can't look like a little doll when you are five years old, when can you? 

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