Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lookit mah baby!

How cute is she?

Isabelle has learned to smile, and also kind of laugh. Which is the cutest thing ever. She's sort of doing it in the bottom photo.

We've been very busy the last couple of days with our ongoing DIY projects (the middle bedroom is still in progress, but the WC is shaping up nicely into a room you wouldn't mind having the flu in), and doing all sorts of other fun stuff that's really got in the way of updating our adventures here! This week will be no better; Jules is away in France working, so Issy and I are all on our own. And just to keep me on my toes she's decided to switch her sleep/eat/play schedule around a little bit! I tell you... just when you think you've got it figured out, they throw you a curve ball. How do tiny babies know how to do that?!?!?


julian said...

Hooray, more pix! That naked one is the cutest yet. Keep shooting, Mommy.

Erbes Kitchen said...

such a cutie pie.. I really miss not being around to see her and can;t wait to come and hold her in December.
All the best for the christening, lets hope she stays cute and not a swamp thing xxx

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