Saturday, December 6, 2008

St. Nicholas Day

We are so excited to have welcomed St. Nicholas to our house in the early hours of this morning! Because Isabelle, Mommy and Daddy have been soooooooooooo good this year, he very generously filled our bowls (our boots are too small for a major haul) with fruit and sweets, although in Isabelle's case, since she is too small for sweets, he left a little pair of jammies behind (a special thank you to Grandma for putting in a word with St. N.).

St. Nicholas Day, December 6th, is a holiday mainly celebrated (according to Wikipedia) in central Europe, and also in places with heavy Germanic influence, such as the Manley house. We always celebrated St. Nicholas Day when I was a kid, with some moments of excitement (remember that time Susan lost and then swallowed her tooth in her marshmallow cookie?), and St. Nicholas even followed me to Illinois State for a couple of years. Sadly, he's struggled to find me in my travels (perhaps due to bad behavior?) in recent years, so I was so excited to revive this tradition especially for Isabelle's first Christmastime. St. Nicholas never brings toys, he brings treats, so it's different to actual Christmas, and maybe by next year Isabelle will be able to sample the giant orange, polished apples and chocolate cookies with the rest of us.

I wanted also to include a picture of our giant baby in my favorite sleeper, the one with the doggie footprints on the bottom, because this might be its last outing! Boo hoo! It doesn't come in a bigger size!

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julian said...

look at that great big pudding! she looks as though she could be a major in saddam's elite republican guard. stomp, stomp.

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