Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This is what Isabelle would look like if she had hair:

This picture is not very recent, but I've been meaning to post it since it was taken.

Day two on the cloth diapers has gone much better. The ones I washed last night dried overnight on the line and were ready for use this morning! After a full day our bin contained only three wipes, instead of our usual 8 disposables. The Bum Genius diapers are surprisingly absorbent, and Issy seems to be getting used to them. I'm still not convinced about the water usage, and there is also definitely a storage problem for the messy ones (what do you do with them after they come off but before they go in the wash?!?), but we'll figure it out.

The other thing we saw on the web yesterday was this little news item, about Condoleeza Rice playing the piano for the Queen in a private concert recently. Clearly piano lessons are not a barrier to high office. This is information Isabelle may need to remember one day. It made me feel more warmly toward the outgoing Secretary of State, although I do know that she is a very accomplished woman in many respects. Less newsworthy but important to me is that I have finally got all the way through the Mozart sonata (No. 11 in A major, K. 331) I've been trying to learn on my piano, although have not had a chance to play the thing through in one sitting. Is hard to play with baby yelling!

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Hey lovely ladies! (and gentleman) Get a step-on garbage can with a washable diaper bin bag ( for post-change/pre-wash. Hth!

p.s. Isabelle is just SO CUTE!

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