Thursday, January 15, 2009

Isabelle Swims!

We took Isabelle to her first baby swimming class today, and it was really fun. Isabelle loved to splash and kick in the water, and it was fun to be with all our NCT mommy group pals (pictured below). Cute!

The class is really good; it's taught by the same people who run London Diving, and has an emphasis on baby water safety, so ultimately they are going to teach the babies how to instinctively roll over onto their backs and float in the water. So it's not just splashing about, even though it's a lot of fun anyway.

It was hard to hang onto Issy and keep up with the lesson--she is ready to swim on her own!

We hope Issy is going to be ready for a diving trip with Auntie Susie and Uncle Thomas very soon!

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