Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mother's Day Number 1

Today is Mother's Day in England. So if you are a mother and reside in the British Isles, happy Mothering Sunday to you. I consider it the first of two Mothers' Days for me this year, as I hope to celebrate American Mother's Day in May as well. It doesn't feel like a holiday to me, when it's only March. But we're gonna celebrate anyway: today Isabelle and I plan to go out to see the exhibit of hats at the Victoria & Albert Museum in Kensington. Hopefully it will not be too crowded.

The real celebration is that we are nearly (but not quite) finished with Isabelle's bedroom, which means she will be able to move in there before her 18th birthday. The carpet is in (pictured above), the walls and trim are painted (also pictured), and all that's left is for Chris to come over with his heavy-duty builder's drill to help us put up the curtain rod, which will have to be drilled into the concrete overlaying the brick exterior wall (the one with the windows), so we don't know when that will be.... hopefully soon.

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