Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

A frightful night was had here by all at a Puppet Opera. Spooky wind, scary shadows, and terrifying Jack O'Lanterns to frighten away the evil spirits.

Isabelle was the cutest- I mean scariest- chicken on the block. Look how fluffy and sweet she is in her costume handmade by me. We are a little crazy about Halloween, and the darling result made the long hours of sewing and the total cost of all the materials definitely worth it.

She looks like a model in this picture. I like the way she's looking over that cloud of feathers like it's an expensive coat. Sassy.

Here's Isabelle biting the head off of a zombie gingerbread baby. Spooky!

This poor pumpkin used to be in a street gang while he was alive: look at that nasty scar where his ear used to be. Ouch.

Hope you had a spectacularly spectral Halloween too! We can't wait for next year! I'm already thinking of costumes... Hmm....


Brother Bill said...

That is one funny lookin' chicken!

Looks like you guys had a great Halloween. All we had were irritating college kids, drunk before sundown.

Se la vie.


A Puppet Opera said...

Drunk before sundown! That sounds like a party to me!

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