Thursday, January 28, 2010

Won't you be my best friend?

I'm putting my cards on the table and saying for once and for all that I love the Obamas. I love that we finally have a superb orator in the top job. I love that Mr. O is so unabashedly intellectual yet supremely relatable, and that even though he knows he's got a lot on his plate he admits he's having a hard time getting it done. I love that he name-checked Elkhart, Indiana and Galesburg, Illinois in the State of the Union address, and that Mrs. O asked people to sit down during a well-deserved ovation. They are Midwesterners, through and through. You know they're going home after the speech to have a cup of coffee and a slice of pie.

And I LOVE the raisin-colored dress that Mrs. O wore last night. The form-fitting top keeps things fresh, while the full skirt keeps her covered up and disguises, perhaps, a little extra luggage in the hip area. It's appropriate for the occasion, and still much more contemporary than a fussy blazer or twinset. Mrs. O, this is exactly my kind of dress, and you are my kind of lady. Do you want to come over for dessert?

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