Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Project: Miniature Christmas Village

Anyone who has seen my parents' house at Christmastime will know that a heart that beats for a miniature Christmas village does most of the decorating there. My mom's epic Dickens Village has now overrun its original borders, and is making a march on the neighboring county. When I ran across this charming homemade miniature village over at A Field Journal (complete with instructions!), I knew this is the project for A Puppet Opera Industries. I am never quite so happy as when I'm making something, especially tiny houses, so I'm excited to start civic planning. We have four more fireplace mantels in our house to decorate for Christmas; wouldn't they look adorable sporting their very own little glittering Christmas town? If you search further on Livy's site, you'll find she's made a winsome Halloween version too. Love.

(image from A Field Journal)

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Bailey Ana said...

This is really pretty!

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