Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We Learn and Play

Today we went to visit a nursery school. Can you believe it? Issy will be ready for school in the fall. How fast did that sneak up on us? Fast. It's a nice school, and I think she'll have a great time there.

Still... I'm a little disappointed that there weren't more Montessori options available in our area. When I say that, I mean that there were no Montessori options available. Zilch. Zero. I remember my Montessori experience well, and think Isabelle would have thrived in that environment. But, if there aren't any Montessori schools around, we can't send her there. So I was really excited to come across this website, which has detailed descriptions of how to do some of the activities in the traditional Montessori curriculum. So, going along with the theory that something is better than nothing, we are doing DIY Montessori at home.

See how well she's doing with the pouring game? We are still picking out lentils from the living room rug, but she's getting there. Pretty soon she will be able to move on to silver polishing! If only we had more than 2 pieces of actual silver to shine up...

On a side note, I gave Isabelle a haircut on Sunday. What do you think of my home barbering efforts?

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