Friday, March 2, 2012

Fairy Cake Tea Party

When Daddy is away, the girls will play. Isabelle and I took the opportunity of Jules being out of the house all day to host our own fairy cake tea party. Issy dressed up in her wings and tutu to help me make and decorate pink cupcakes (most of the decorations went on the cakes), and then we ate them on pretty plates with tea (and imaginary tea, and milk). All our stuffed toys were invited, and even little Billy was able to join in. Too sweet!

I'm not saying that we felt like we needed to put on fairy wings and eat pink cupcakes with sparkles on them just because we were girls alone in the house, or that this isn't something we could happily do while Daddy was at home, but we enjoyed doing it just the same. If you do have the opportunity to host a fairy cake tea party one rainy afternoon, I highly recommend it. Especially if it's the one time a year you can use the celadon teapot you dragged all the way home from a vacation in San Francisco in 1998. Lovely!

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