Monday, December 3, 2012

Gift Tags for Preschoolers

I usually design and make my own gift tags at Christmastime, because I love having custom-made tags to match my carefully wrapped gifts. However, last year I really struggled to imagineer a good idea for my pre-reading pre-schooler who I knew would want to tear into the gifts, but wouldn't want to wait for me to read the labels. Since she knew her ABC's, I lit upon the idea of making monogram gift tags so she could easily identify whose present was whose all by herself. 

This project is super easy: all you do is make up your monograms in a word processing program, and bump up the font size to 120, print on cardstock and cut out. Then, paint liberally with craft glue and douse even more liberally with glitter. Once the glue is dry shake off the excess glitter, thread with ribbon and doll up your gifts. An alternative would be printing on decorative paper, or even cutting out monograms from last year's Christmas cards.... the possibilities are endless! 

How are you doing your gifts this year? Do tell! 

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