Monday, January 21, 2013

What about bob?

At the inauguration ceremonies today, we will have a chance to catch an eyeful of Mrs. Obama's seriously fabulous new hairstyle. She bobbed her hair! In honor of this chic hairstyle, popular among first ladies, fashionistas and the regular gal alike, A Puppet Opera is devoting today's post to the bob.

Already making a lasting mark as a fashion plate with her chic cardigans, elegant dresses and bold accessories, her sleek new cut gives her whole look a modern and fresh sparkle, by accentuating her glamorous cheekbones and framing her lovely face.

Long a favorite hairstyle of the Puppet Opera fashion desk, the bob is a classic 'do that's been in fashion for the last hundred years or so. First appearing in 1920's Paris, the revolutionary style sheared away the abundant tresses of the Art Nouveau period and signaled freedom, independence and equality. Liberated from miles of long locks to detangle, loop, roll and pin up out of the way, women suddenly had the freedom to wear heavy makeup, drink excessively and challenge the social mores of the time.

Since then, the bob has rarely been out of style, due to its versatility and flexibility; it works with a variety of different face shapes, hair textures, and can be altered (longer, shorter, layered, blunt) to suit contemporary fashion. Hooray for Mrs. O for once again bringing this chic, polished hairstyle back into the spotlight. Long live the bob!

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