Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Mondays: Show Me the Love

Yeah, yeah. I know. It's Tuesday. That's okay, because it is okay to start from where you're at, even if it's a day later than when you intended. I've been working hard to make 2013 a happier year by making some small changes in order to reap a great reward. And you know what? A month has gone by and it's totally working. I have managed to get a little more sleep (a little), thanks to still lacking a driving license I am getting more exercise, and I'm on top of some nastily nagging tasks. Our biggest gain has been thanks to the five-minute-tidy-up: after dinner the whole family has made a habit to tidy up our messes downstairs by setting the phone alarm for 5 minutes and racing around putting things away. Even little Billy is getting into the act, and the clean house is making us all happy.

Month two of the happiness challenge is all about love, and this week's resolution is to give proofs of love. Maybe you think that your actions follow your emotions, but what would happen if we turned that idea around? Perhaps emotions could follow actions? Could you make yourself happier by acting happy? If that is true, maybe showing the people around you how much you loved them would bring more love into your life? That's what Gretchen Rubin suggests as a resolution for this week, and as someone who suffers from a bitchy resting face, I guarantee that the people around me have no idea how much I truly love them. And that means you, postman! You too, lady at the flower shop! And especially you, family. So look out for your little lovely tokens. Because I love you. 

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