Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Mondays Week Six: Wanna Fight?

Jules showing great form in a snowball fight.
It's funny how complementary colors work, how a hot orange flower makes the blue one next to it look more blue. Or how hot fudge makes ice cream taste colder, how lemon really does brighten up the comforting smell of chicken soup. Fighting does the same thing for happiness. I'm not saying you've got to roam the streets seeking a fight, but a good argument with your loved ones can clear the air sometimes. But the trick is to fight more effectively, to gain ground without hurting anyone's feelings. Keep your cool, don't call names, take a break if you have to. Admit that you might be wrong but are open to your opponent's viewpoint. If you can keep your wits about you in the middle of an argument, try to identify your position, like, "I don't want you to solve this, it helps me to talk it through." If you're really on top of your game you will be able to explain your intentions without screaming and flailing like a crazed chicken. So this week, if you do happen to get in an argument, try to do it more effectively and see how much happier you'll feel afterward.

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