Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Little Girl's Cherry Sundress: Finished!

I know. I know. It's been a week. I've neglected my Happy Monday post for the last two weeks, and I've let a lot of correspondence slide. I know. In between working on an illustration for a client, some live facilitation work and a writing project, I've let the blog slip a little. I apologize. 

But check this out! Inspired by some really fun sewing blogs and a very awesome new sewing book, I've had the old machine out and have been whizzing up some fun summer dresses out of lengths of summery cotton. Although this little sundress for Isabelle is not the only one I've finished, it's the one I'm proudest of because I drafted the design myself (copied off her favorite size 2 flower dress, which she wore absolutely to pieces), and made it up from scraps of my 1952 Walkaway dress project. Freebie fashion! I love it! I hope Isabelle gets as much wear out of this one as she did out of the flower dress. Happy summer to everyone! 

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