Monday, September 23, 2013

Tell it to me straight

If you have ever had to win the hearts and minds of a group, deliver on a priority or allow greater access to an initiative, you will be as pleased as punch to learn that the UK Civil Service has banned jargon from its written communications. A victory of all those who have to write, read, and listen to corporate language. Perhaps because the language of the contemporary workplace has become a parody of itself, maybe because the actual, not-made-up news out of the Leveson Inquiry was more hilarious than the dialogue from The Thick of It, or for whatever other reason, much applause is due to the UK Civil Servants for deciding that enough is enough. We must all rejoice, throw our hands in the air and run around like loons using plain English to get your point across. Hallelujah. 

(image of Malcolm Tucker from here)

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