Monday, April 28, 2014

Go nutty

You guys know I love makeup. I loooooooooooove makeup. Love it. I love the experience of putting it on, I love its ability to transform my face, I love how it enhances the good things and camouflages the rest, I love how it reflects light, and I love how much better it makes me feel on a grey day. Love it. But I have never loved taking it off, especially the waterproof mascara and liquid eyeliner I love wearing for work (I'm going through a 1950's cat-eye thing at the moment). In my experience, there is nothing that takes waterproof mascara off that also contains water in its formula, which is almost everything you can purchase at the drugstore. At the department store I'd usually bet on finding something that will do the job, paying round about the £40 mark for a jar of cleanser that would last about a month is just too expensive for me.

So it is because I found an incredible solution in the grocery aisle that I write here today. Coconut oil! Turns out, that among its other obvious charms, it makes a fantastic facial cleanser. I've been massaging a weensy bit of solid coconut oil on my face and taking it off with a hot washcloth every night for about a week, and I can't believe how amazing my skin is looking and behaving. And whoosh! Off goes the makeup without fuss or muss. I know it seems insane to talk about cleaning your face by piling a load of oil on it, but you have to trust me, I've had problem skin my entire life until last Tuesday. Coconut oil is very definitely the business!

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