Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Toddler for sale: a cautionary tale

Just kidding. I wouldn't sell him. But I would use him as the focus for today's post.

I came across some good advice recently, which I will now pass on to you: "never judge somebody by the state of their housekeeping, because you never know who is in the first trimester of pregnancy and too sick to tidy up."

I would like to extend that maxim to the people I encountered on the bus today, who were all giving me the evils because I dared to bring a child and a buggy on board (a buggy, by the way, which I politely folded up and stowed away in the luggage area so as not to inconvenience a wheelchair user who needed the big open area usually occupied by prams, and so that we could sit upstairs, leaving the lower deck free for people who could not climb stairs):
good advice. follow it.

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