Thursday, January 8, 2015

Look! It's January! I missed you so...

Well, hello there! Bet you thought I went into hiding, didn't you? In fact, I haven't... it's just, well, CHRISTMAS really kicked our tails this year. And why not, I ask you? We had a great holiday season, a lot of home baking, many handmade gifts, and a new dollhouse requiring constant fiddling, but all the busyness (and boozy-ness) made for an actual whirlwind this December. 

Our fake tree was lovely this year... and lit up from the first of December. I must admit, we had a little bit of Christmas overload in 2014, it's possible we put the tree up too early, and maybe even possible that we were sick of Christmas by the 16th, but having said all that, it was so light and bright and cozy in our front room, and it seemed so dark and desolate when we put everything away on Tuesday.

In fact, we loved our tree so much, sometimes we camped out in the living room before school. 

It's lucky that Santa (or one of his helpers) stops at a grotto in Kew Gardens, so we could have a word with him before the big day. Santa may or may not be a little hard of hearing, but I feel confident in saying he does have a fine singing voice, and indeed speaks mainly in iambic pentameter

One of the biggest differences between Christmas in England and Christmas in Illinois is that the weather is reliably mild. We had one hard frost (instead of ten inches of snow.... sorry, Illinois), which looked absolutely lovely on our hated sacred bamboo, which has exactly one season of interest and that is at Christmas and under frost. 

We have five fireplaces in the house, and I love decorating the mantelpieces. Who knows which one Santa might pop down this year? This is my favorite decoration of all, my tiny little snow village. Doesn't it look like someplace the Sugar Plum Fairy might go on vacation? I love it to bits. 

It's been a long Christmas, but a good one. We're hoping to see more of you in the coming weeks and months.

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