Saturday, January 24, 2015

Squeaky Clean

I managed to skip out on housecleaning day yesterday in order to catch a train to Paris (!!!), but the cleaning went on without me. We spend most of the day Friday cleaning the sh*t out of the house so it can be tidy for the weekend, and while it's my least favorite task of them all, I'm always happy when it's done. I was glad to see the new "Home Ec" series over at Design*Sponge, which details all the stuff that needs to happen in order to make a household run efficiently. I know that none of my friends in high school took this class, and while I don't agree that women should feel chained to their houses, I think maybe there are some valuable lessons my generation missed. Like, how to cook. And how to clean. I was glad to see that Puppet Opera HQ ticked every one of the weekly tasks off on our cleaning list, but who knew that you should try to clean the inside of your oven once a month? Or that you should clean out the fireplace once a season? Not me. But I'm going to get right on top of that. The next time I'm at home. 

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