Monday, June 16, 2008

31 Weeks.

Here I am at 31 weeks, in Paris. Bump is certainly well traveled! We have been to America, India, France, the Scottish Highlands and of course home in London together. Granted this is not the most flattering photo of me (silly camera, bad lighting), but you will notice how much more walrus-like I am since the last photo update! Today the doctor poked around at Bump and said, "Whoa. Big baby." Hmrmrmrmrm. I was hoping for a petite five-pounder (like myself), but I guess Bump has other ideas. We still have many weeks to go... How much bigger can we get?!?

1 comment:

Erbes Kitchen said...

watch out for the pumpkin head if bambino takes after Jules -ouch!.. perhaps thats what the doc has seen??

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