Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Things that we have learned in the past week...

We have been living in our new house for just over one week, and in that time we have learned:

1. Foxes can jump six-foot fences, and are afraid of cats.

2. It is not easy to drill holes into walls made of mashed potato.

3. Blue painters' tape isn't as cool as it first seems, and can in fact do more harm than good.

4. Some doorways are just not made for some tables.

5. The baby punching your bladder is not as funny as you'd think it would be.

6. Not all cookie sheets are made for all ovens.

7. Cats just don't care whose house they're in. They make themselves at home anywhere.

8. English ivy really, really stinks.

9. British Telecom and Tiscali broadband are jerks. It's been ten days and we're _still_ not online (I'm posting from Starbucks. Happy Frappuccino to all).

10. Oil-based paint can take over a week to wash out of your hair.

We have been painting and cleaning and sanding and filing and drilling and assembling, and there's still so, so much to do. Our clothes are still mostly in boxes, though some are in piles on the floor. Home ownership is exhausting. We are missing the carefree days of renting a little bit. I will try to post with more regular updates as soon as we have the interweb installed in our own house. We are still waiting for Bump to make an appearance, but it really seems like it could be any day now. Exciting times, my friends, exciting times.

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MintyJ said...

Well, you could try to get on a reality home remodeling show like we did. Then they do all the work. But then you might hate everything ( we did). Sometimes, I really miss renting too! Good luck getting everything ready. It gets fun

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