Monday, July 28, 2008

Six weeks is a long time... be without the Internet. But that's how long it's going to take before we're connected at home. It feels as though we're living in pioneer days. I'm at Starbucks again... There are only so many Frappuccinos one can drink in a lifetime.

If I was at home, I'd be able to post pictures of how things are coming along with the house. We finished the master bedroom and painted the Baby's room, although we still have to move furniture into it. Mainly because we can't get it all up the stairs. Never mind... We did get the cot put together and the big bed in the main bedroom, so it feels like we're making a bit of progress. Jules is getting help from our very generous next-door neighbor who is going to help him hoick that big wrought-iron garden table over our back fence sometime today. So, things are moving along. One day, I'll post a big gallery of before and after photos so y'alls can see how far we've come in just a few short weeks!

Baby still has not made an appearance, but it's definitely making plans for an exit. I'm super-uncomfortable, and it seems like every day could be the BIG day. What a crazy rolling deadline! Annoying! When else would you have a big event, one that you knew your life was going to completely change afterwards, but not know exactly when that big event is going to take place? It's very frustrating to constantly be on pins and needles! We went to our NCT childbirthing class over the weekend (great for Jules since he hasn't read any of the baby books I gave him; grr...), so now we know about how it's going to happen when the big day finally arrives. A little bit scary though; the teacher had a model of a pelvis, and using her a 6-pound baby doll showed us how a baby cannot actually fit through a woman's pelvis when those bones are lying flat on a bed. So they taught us how to wiggle a baby out through constant movement, which hopefully will be as straightforward as it sounds. I figure that babies have been born for thousands of years, so we should be okay. We'll just dance it into the world! Anyway, we are getting anxious; could be any day now. Cross all your fingers and toes for us! We will keep you posted when something happens.

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Erbes Kitchen said...

tell that bump to get a move on! I need you to have the spare bedroom made up in time for my visit :-) babysitting here i come x

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