Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Big Day Out

Yesterday being the August Bank Holiday, we thought we'd take the Isabelle show on the road. So after quite a bit of diaper-bag packing and worrying about feeding times, we were on our way to Syon House and Park (the London home of the Duke of Northumberland), which is only a few minutes away from our new home by car. With Jules away, I had to take the wheel myself; I am getting better at driving on the wrong side of the street, and luckily Isabelle and my parents bravely agreed to go with me on the journey. Because I was worried about getting the (bulky) stroller through an Adam-designed interior, we plopped Isabelle in the baby carrier graciously donated by Aunt Susan.

This is the Mommy's-eye view of Isabelle in the baby carrier. She seemed to be happy there, and to the amazement of all, slept the whole time we were out, which possibly did not display her true enthusiasm for fine home furnishings. Sadly you are not allowed to take photographs inside the house, but we did take a bunch outside. This is what my garden looks like, too:

Just kidding.

We liked the fancy conservatory. I plan to build one just like it in our own back garden. Only my garden is very small. And I am not, actually, landed gentry. So it might not happen. Instead we took pictures of each other standing in front of it.

We also liked the pretty lily pond. So fancy!

My mom likes to take pictures of things, but she also likes to have pictures of us standing in front of the things she's taking photos of. She took photos of both of us standing by plants she likes. And then she tried to steal one of the tomatoes from the vines in the conservatory. By the end of the trip, Dad and I were getting tired of having our pictures taken.

I think this might be one for the album... Puh-leeze. As we told her, we don't usually get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day, much less to pose with greenery! Still, we all had a great time and cake to boot, and Isabelle got her first taste of truly elegant decorating. I hope she won't be disappointed when she can keep her eyes open long enough to really take in the view of our living room! One day it will be lovely... I promise.

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