Friday, August 1, 2008

A chicken/egg thing

So many projects are hinging on other projects around here. We took a bunch of photos of the house empty, but since we are waiting on a reliable internet connection (thanks, Chris for the patch!), they can't be uploaded yet. We did repaint the master bedroom, but before it can be officially "finished" the new walnut chest of drawers needs to come so we can put our clothes into it and thereby remove the old pine chests of drawers that are standing in the way of the new bedside tables (which are patiently waiting in the baby's room to be unwrapped). But apart from that, the master bedroom, at least, is basically finished. So, one down, seven to go! We are waiting on re-wallpapering the upstairs WC because we can't decide what to do with the floor (it's got a nasty carpet in it right now, but something more, well, sanitary would be so much better), and the guest bedroom & office are the biggest and scariest projects on the list; that heavily textured wallpaper is surely hiding something wicked.

On top of that, we haven't even begun the downstairs yet: the kitchen, dining room and front room all need serious attention. The kitchen is basically ready to be painted (pending a good scrub), but the dining room hasn't been done because we need to make a decision about the carpeting before we can paint (we want to pull it up but there is evidence of something frightening underneath--- we discovered a patch of parquet-printed linoleum under one corner of the smurf-blue carpeting: why would you do that unless you had something to hide?), and the living room... well, it needs a full makeover but I have no vision for it at all. Contemporary or classic? Curtains or blinds? What to do with that ornate Victorian fireplace?!?!? It's just too much! Calgon, take me away!!!

I guess the biggest thing we are waiting on is Baby! Every morning seems like it could be THE day, and we don't want to be in the middle of a big redecorating project when it happens. So hurry up and join us, bambino! We need to paint the bedroom before Grandma and Grandpa get here in a couple of weeks!

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