Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Living Room Layout

Okay, help.

I've painted the living room, we've got fancy new drapery, and we're waiting for a carpet, so while I have the chance to perfect the layout on paper, I need some help. Here's what it looks like now (scale model):But it's just not right... Not least being the two nasty couches that are OVERDUE for replacement. Where do you think I should go with it now (assuming all furniture stays until further notice)?

Here's what I'm thinking..

OPTION ONE: CHAIRS BY WINDOW This is how my mom rearranged the room maybe, I don't know, fifteen minutes after entering the house for the first time. So It must seem like a more natural layout. It worked okay, except that the chairs inevitably scrape all the way back into the window bay, and the couch on the right becomes slightly abandoned and far away from the coffee table. Thoughts?

OPTION TWO: CHAIRS BY WALLThis solves the problem of the chairs pushing into the window bay, but still leaves the couch marooned out in right field. It's also weirdly reminiscent of our "train carriage" layout from Devonshire Road. How do you like this one?

OPTION THREE: CHAIRS BY FIREPLACEPossible solution... everyone's got a place to put his or her drink, but now there's nothin' on that blank wall by the door. Could potentially add a bookcase or sideboard there, but we don't own such an item as yet. I suppose that's where you'd look for a TV, if we had a TV.

OPTION FOUR: FANTASY LAYOUT WITH NEW SOFASWe've been talking about replacing our 2-seaters with 3-seaters for a long time. Actually, we need to because our current davenports are on their last woodtone legs! So here's a potential layout with a bunch of furniture we don't actually own. All the fantasy furniture appears here in grey.

OPTION FOUR: FANTASY LAYOUT WITH LESS FANTASY FURNITURE So if we got the new sofas, and then maybe a cool chair (wingback, Eames-style, chaise longue, etc.) we'd have to buy less furniture. And it would create a better sight line between the slanted door and big chair. Could also rotate coffee table by 90 degrees. How about this one?

So I know we've got some design bods out there amongst the Puppet Opera readership, so PLEASE, PLEASE leave a comment and weigh in on this decision! Our big rug will be here any day now, so we'll need to get moving.

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