Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bumper US Vacation Issue

Hello friends! We're back from our big American vacation! We had a marvelous time, and were so happy to be able to have such a long visit with Grandma and Grandpa; Susan, Dan, Katie and Gabriel; Bill and Nina.

Among our many adventures was a trip to Lake Michigan:

A trip to the zoo:

Rides on our bikes:

Visiting Bill Burck & Co. on their farm and meeting their chickens:

Reading stories:

Eating fresh raspberry pie:

Wearing a colorful plastic Slinky as if it was a glamorous mink stole:

And hanging out with Isabelle's cousin Gabriel:

Issy's had a sort of rocky relationship with Gabriel. Despite being only two months older than she, Gabriel is way more advanced in the walking, eating and talking departments, and I think Isabelle is a little bit intimidated. Gabriel can do a lot of things she can't, and actually inspired her to learn how to climb the stairs and drink from a big-girl cup, so in all, it was a fruitful partnership, but there were some growing pains for sure.

By the end of the trip they eventually got to be friends, and it was hilarious:

We can't wait to go back for Christmas!

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