Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I shamelessly love autumn. We had a burst, yesterday, of Indian Summer weather. Hot, humid and sunny; in the middle of putting away my summer clothes I had to turn around and extract a pair of shorts to wear because I was simply roasting in jeans. Today, the weather remembered that it's September, turned off the sun and kicked up the breeze. I love the dreamy light, the cooler temperatures, tweeds, tartans and velvet. I'm so excited to be able to pull my sweaters and boots out of cool storage, and I love crunching through fallen leaves. I love eating plum crumble and roast pork with crackling. I love watching costume dramas while bundled up in an afghan. I love back-to-school even when there's no school to go to (does anybody want to take English Traditional Country Dancing with me at Ealing Town Hall?). To my mind, it's the best time of year, barring only my birthday and Christmas. Since Isabelle was only a teeny weeny one last autumn, I'm also taking the opportunity to dress up the garden a little bit, and just placed an order for spring bulbs, including 150 ornamental onions (special offer). I'm not e-x-a-c-t-l-y sure what I'm going to do with 150 ornamental onions, but the offer was too good to pass up, and think how great all those firework-esqe pompoms are going to look in the spring! Completely amazing is my guess.

In other news, Isabelle is really putting her best effort into walking, and it is completely hilarious. Here are a couple of videos of her marching behind her little trolley in the kitchen. Doesn't she look like a little old lady pushing a grocery shopping cart? My Dad said all she needed was a hairnet and a purse swinging from her elbow and she'd look like one of those old Slovenian women at the Jewel. We love you, Isabelle.

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